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Recommendation Conciérge

Starwood, the owners of Westin Hotels & Resorts, dubbed this experiment as “Project: Jetson”. The luxery hotelier wanted to explore the idea of giving guests an entirely new ways to interact with their hotel experience. Each room would be equipped with an iPad running a custom apps used for controlling the in-room guest experience, as well as room temperature, lighting options and more.

Of the suite of apps, this particular app was called Renewal Experience with the idea that the guest could start by choosing their interests and a period of time they have free. The app then would recommend nearby activities that fit within that timeframe.

These screens represent the interface exploration for the app. Because Westin Hotels sees itself as a highend destination, not only was early exploration of the usability important to them but the aesthetics were of high important too. Thus, we almost started immediately with high fidelity comps as shown below.



In-room App UI Exploration


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Starwood Hotels


UI Comps


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